Sandwich machinery – an overview

Ok guys, this is a nice gentle introduction into the world of sandwich machinery before we start focusing in detail on a different machine each week.

The aim of all this is to inform the wider public on the various types of sandwich machines that are available here in the UK. Why? Well why not?

Seriously though, why?

Well have you not ever wondered how that sandwich you buy in Tesco or boots for lunch is made? Or the difference between Sainsbury’s own and that fancy new Jamie Oliver one?

Not really, no.

Well tough, I’m telling you anyway.

First an answer to a question I’m sure you’re all asking, isn’t my sandwich made by hand? Er NO!

From start to finish your humble sandwich passes through a long line of sandwich machinery which includes bread butterers, cutters, depositors, tomato slicers, crushers and more. Together, these machines make up an automated sandwich assembly line.

Mind blown? I thought so.

The reason for all these different machines is to ensure a level of consistency that you, the buyer, expects every time you buy a sandwich from a shop. It also cuts costs, saves time and means less people need to be hired to make sure that slice of bread is facing the right way as it travels down the production line. The wonders of automated machinery!

There are a number of companies that manufacture sandwich machinery here in the UK. You may be aware that I actually work for one. Not that I’ll be name dropping, that isn’t what this is about.

These UK manufactures need a lot of support from the sandwich producers with the markets here currently being saturated with American rivals and their inferior designs.


Like I said, over the next few weeks I will be going into a bit more detail about the various machines and how they are used in the sandwich production industry and hopefully showing British manufactures are at the cutting edge of innovation in this field. Get ready for a thrilling ride.



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