SEO update

So, it has been one week today that I officially launched my SEO experiment and I am checking in with a progress report.

After one week, this website is *drumroll*

On the second page of Google!SEO result - page 2 of google

A quick Google search for “sandwich machinery” and there you will find me.

Exciting isn’t it.

But how did you do it?

I thought you’d never ask….


Now, as I said it has only been one week and as this is a side project, I have other tasks that need prioritising so this hasn’t necessarily got the full attention it needs.

I did my research, reading blogs such as Beginners guide to SEO, MOZ and Answers to 18 SEO questions you were too afraid to ask.

I’ve started simple – Keyword Optimisation. A keyword of course being the words entered into the search engine. If you’re site contains the keywords people are searching for, it’s more likely to appear in the search results.

My go to site for this has been the Google Keywords Planner, which is a part of their Adwords programme. You can check it out here. To us this you will need a Google account but they’re free and don’t take long to set up

Keywords planner is a really great, simple to use tool. You start by putting in your product or service. For me, this was “sandwich machinery”. For someone who makes their own jam it could be “homemade jam”, etc.

I was then presented with groups of keywords that people searched for related to sandwich machinery. Click on each group and you’ll see next to each keyword the average number of times each word is searched for a month. This allows you to see which words are the most important.

I then wrote a list of all the different keywords I thought were most relevant. I changed my initial keyword search to various types of sandwich machines such as a butterer or cutter to ensure I had covered as many bases as possible.

The hardest part of Keyword Optimisation is creating pages and posts on your site that are full of keywords but at the same time are actually readable and interesting for your target audience. You need the right balance.

This is very important. If you create a post with overloaded with keywords, Google will see it and assume that it is spam. This is very damaging. Spam websites are black marked by the search engines and banished to the depths of the search results.

My approach was to first write a post, the one going live tomorrow is about buttering machines, and then go back and see where I can add extra keywords. This way, I know that the content is readable, interesting and helpful and at the same time, findable.


Next I think I am going to focus on link building – getting links to your site from other places. I’ll let you know how it goes!



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