Bread buttering machine



You know when you’re buttering bread, and the butter is too hard and the bread is too soft so it doesn’t spread right and it’s staying in lumps, and no matter how hard you try to get an even coverage, you only end up with holey, broken up bread? SO annoying isn’t it.

Badly buttered bread

This is not the kind of problem you want to be having when you are making hundreds of sandwiches a day.

Ain't nobody got time for that buttering machine Am I right?


Thankfully, clever people came up with a brilliant machine that solves this issue and saves a hell of a lot of time.

I am of course talking about a Buttering machine!


Sandwich buttering machines can be standalone -This means that there is no collator (conveyor) attached to it. The bread is fed on to the machine from one conveyor, is buttered and immediately exits straight off onto another. The machine is controlled by simple start/stop buttons.

Alternatively, they can be attached to a collator – This means there is a small conveyor with a butterer attached to it at the end. The benefit of this is that plenty of bread can be loaded on to the conveyor and as one piece moves off, another is added. It gives more control over the production process than a standalone butterer, with some being controlled by special programmes and touch screen technology.

Even more exciting though is that you can get twin lane buttering machines – that equals two pieces of bread buttered AT THE SAME TIME! You can also programme them to butterer alternate slices of bread so that butter is only on the bottom slice!

That does sound cool, how do they work?

 I like your enthusiasm.

So, here we go.

To put it simply, a special type of butter, one that’s been whipped and aerated, is put into the top of the machine, called the butter box. Special gears churn it up to keep it soft. Some UK sandwich machinery manufacturers even make butter boxes that are heated! Good bye lumpy butter! When a piece of bread is detected passing under the butter box, a scraper (acting as the knife we’d use at home) deposits the perfect amount of butter onto the slice of bread. The bread then moves off for the filling to be added, have another slice of bread placed on top, cut, shoved into a box and shipped off to your nearest store.

If only we could all have a butter spreading machine in our own lives. Our sandwiches would never be the same again.


Buttered bread











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