I have been set a challenge. I work for a UK sandwich machine manufacturing company and there is a fear that our actual marketing team may not be all that skilled in the SEO department as, at this moment, we do not appear in Google and this is worrying the big boss man!

So where do I come in? Well I have been given this web address and a time scale to see how far I can push this site up the search engine ranks.

Currently, it does not exist. Where will I be in a few months time? That’s what we’re going to find out together.

Like I said, I work for a UK based sandwich machine manufacturing company and so this blog is going to be about sandwich machines, with some SEO learning thrown in too! No doubt most will be bored out of their brains by such a topic, as was I before I started this job but actually, it can be kind of interesting to find out how that sandwich you buy from Tesco for lunch is actually made.

Stick with me guys. It’s going to be great!